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Mensaje  MikeToday el Miér Dic 13, 2017 8:52 am

SÉVICES MILITAIRES - Marc Dorcel - 2017

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Título original: SÉVICES MILITAIRES - Marc Dorcel - 2017

Titulo adaptado: Military Misconduct

Director: Liselle Bailey

Actores: Brandi Love, Cassie del Isla, Valentina Ricci, Vanessa Decker, Rebecca Moore

Productora: Marc Dorcel

Idioma: Francés

Argumento: In an isolated bunker, the army plans an experiment of a new kind. In order to test the resistance of their troops, they’re going to force soldiers to live totally cut off from the rest of the world for 90 days. Aware of the difficulties that such a situation may create, they decide to appoint Colonel Brandi as head of the project. In spite of her sexy look, she perfectly knows how to hide her sensitivity and repress her desires under the rank imposed by her uniform. She soon proves she’s the perfect person to push the soldiers into their final entrenchments by confronting them with their frustration. Quickly aware of the sexual tension in the building, she plays with the sexual impulses of the participants of this experiment in order to obtain the expected results. In this context of deprivation, she constantly provokes them and confronts them with temptation. But won’t she risk to be caught up by her fantasies and make mistakes in these conditions of extreme survival? Between trainings with vicious drifts and humiliations of all kinds, the need for lust soon appears as the main obstacle to the success of the operation ...

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